Aetho Aeon: True GoPro Stabilization at $349

Not so long a go we reviewed SteadXP campaign that offered clever way to stabilize your video in post production, main criticism was that  SteadXP did not make footage more stable, rather it improved camera tracking accuracy. Well, today we are dissecting new product called Aetho Aeon and this one, actually does GoPro stabilization


Is Aetho Aeon technically possible?

Stabilization systems were first made for professionals, these systems were bulky and very expensive, but in recent years drop in prices and availability of high precision servos, senors and other components made it possible to shrink this system further not only in size but also in price. Aetho Aeon really brings price point to where anyone can afford to purchase high performance video stabilization tool.

We issue word of caution about the nature of most indegogo campaigns though – it seems that developers have concept down and have stabilization functionality ironed out, some major features appear to be under development, this is not complete product yet. Fully functional prototype is  very unlikely to exist.


Is GoPro stabilizer practical?

Having some background with video production, it is safe to say possibilities are limitless. If device works as advertised – it will become great platform for video production.

Biggest practicality is price, and we have come concerns about that.


Will campaign deliver if funded?

Hard one to nail down, with complexity of this device, considerable R&D spending still to be done, and logistics involved – there is real risk of failure. The more money sourced on indegogo – the more likely it is that project will deliver. Deadlines for early 2016 are bit too optimistic, April sounds more realistic to us.

Despite the risk, if you want to have stabilization system for your gopro, and supporting startups is for you – Aetho Aeon is worth investing, and will definitely perform better than this –


Campaign page is here – Aetho Aeon: Create Smooth, Cinematic GoPro Videos