Brivero Coffee maker

Bruvelo – Making Decision on $300 Coffee Maker

The Bruvelo is more than just a coffee maker, it’s a fully integrated pour over brew system that was developed with one objective in mind – to brew the best cup of coffee possible.

So lets make some hot coffee, understand the tech and answer one simple question – is it smoke and mirrors or does it have consumer value?

Is it even possible?

Following our tradition we will talk about functional elements of the device, what it is made of and what features it will have.  It appears that prototype is 3D printed, it looks solid and finish is high quality, upper portion that houses grinding  element and is likely made out of metal. Some good work went in to making demo unit shown in campaign promotional video.  Base of the device holds all the components while top portion is used for coffee storage. There is filer in the cut between the two(top and bottom sections) that is likely washable, it prevents coffee specs from getting in to your cup, same system used on coffee machines for many years.

Connectivity is there and this thing can talk to your phone via bluetooth and you can even press brew from your phone instead of just pressing the button.

Overall all components and functionality is reasonable and can be manufactured.


Practicality of Bruvelo Coffee Maker

It’s clear that we must compare Brivelo to other coffee makers in order to understand benefits it brings. Although some people are happy to buy things that look good, they often turn out not to be functional, this is why we discuss and predict how useful devices will turn out to be to the end user, so you do not waste your money on things that are made out of smoke.

Fortunately Brivelo has some good benefits over many conventional coffee makers and some negatives too.

Bruvelo Coffee MakerAs explained by creator of the product, to make great coffee you need freshly ground beans, that go in to contact with hot water shortly after they are ground, and most coffee makers do not grind beans right before your portion is made. the longer you wait after tuning your coffee in to powder the more “flavor” will escape.

So lets put this in to perspective, if I get coffee grinder and do the work that way then pour hot water in there and run it though filter, I get the best coffee? Well, you will get exactly what Brivelo does and if you think that cup of coffee is worth $275 – you should back the project.

On the note of great coffee, although flavor is always personal preference one of the best tasting coffee comes from high pressure steam machines, they follow same principle of getting fresh coffe beans but instead of hot water steam is pushed though at very high PSI, flavor of coffee coming out of these crazy expensive machines is nothing short of spectacular.  But for us mortals that cant afford those Brivelo is good solution.


Will project deliver is successful?

With functional prototype available, considerable R&D work done, experience with previous campaign and very realistic funding and shipping projections we feel this project will deliver full feature set  on time if funded. Although we really do not understand why coffeemaker needs phone app, especially when you need to fill it for each portion, but – hey, we live in time of crazy gadgets and there is a phone app for everything now.

Let us know what you think about coffee and spread the word to help backers get real tech insight in to crowd campaigns and avoid loosing time and money.

Campaign can be found here – Bruvelo. Simplify and elevate your coffee.