Cube Holders Misdirection

When we found this – it became just another indication that what we are doing is important and can help real people.

What did we find? Product that already exists on the market being crowdfunded on not just one but two campaigns! Very clever indeed and it seems that design was stolen from original designer and made before he could market it, we are trying to confirm this.

There is common trend to take existing products that are already sold in catalog, adjust them slightly and source funds at kistsrater to order minimum batch. Customer is not informed about the fact they can already purchase similar product and in addition to paying higher price, has to wait for months or even years to actually get it. This does not appear to be exactly the case here – cube on amazon seems to be made out of wood.

Besides the point, there are also better quality products on the market, like sumo by blue lounge I have been using for many years at $12 its much better and robust solution tested by years of use –

Here are some simple facts, look and judge for yourself.

Kickstarter Campaign #1 – STACKS – Metal Cube Desk Accessories & Desk Organizer


Kickstarter Campaign #2 (original designers campaign, but we could not confirm it) – Cubic Cable Holder – cable organizing accessory


Product sold on Amazon – ledoviĀ® Stainless Steel Cable Holder CR30 – Keep Your Cable in Place and Style


So what do you think?

Look similar?