eGroov – Electric Scooter

eGroov is electric scooter with short range, that features two-wheel-drive and unconventional design and it does look good.

But is it worth it, and can it be made?

Is eGroov Scooter possible technically?

As mentioned in the campaign video, product is “made out of premium existing parts” this mean that most of the work is assembly and not manufacturing. Since they are on kickstarter, and made a prototype, device is possible.  Question of manufacturing is open and we suspect that all orders will be made by small team and may take longer than expected especially if campaign is very successful.

Is eGroov Scooter practical?

Platforms like these could be useful to cover short distances and mostly for joyriding. They are not very effective transpiration devices for daily use, so we issue #toyallert. Scooter size also rises concern for use in rural areas. You kind of need a parking spot for this thing. There is also no visible folding system that would reduce the profile for storage, it would make sense to make the steering column collapsible or foldable. This is not a replacement for your bike.

Battery charge indicators are absent in the video, important feature I am sure will be missed.

Cost is considerable factor, there are similar products in this category.

How likely is eGroov to succeed if funded?

If funded, we expect that campaign will likely deliver, although as mentioned earlier, due to small team, manufacturing will likely take longer than anticipated.

Our verdict is that this is novelty item and you should only invest if you seek novelty.

Campaign Page is here – eGroov – First All Road, All-Wheel Drive Electric Scooter

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