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Evapolar – Desk Air Conditioner, Do not be misled

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On October 7, 2015
Last modified:April 25, 2017


They call it “personal, desk air conditioner” but that’s deception, because it creates wrong impression and misleads potential backers in to thinking – they will be getting performance.

Read our full review to understand why this campaign is selling existing product, and what results you should expect.

Lets begin with a quote from campaign creators:

Evapolar works on power of water evaporation – the simplest and most efficient cooling technology since ancient times. Evaporative coolers already exist but you may have never heard about them – they are all very bulky and if your hot season is short they are not presented on your market at all.

They name the device properly here – “evaporative cooler” and yes existing solutions come pretty big, but there is good reason for that and you will see why.

So, how doeevaporative coolings it work?

Whole system is very simple, water from the reservoir  is absorbed by whats called: an evaporation pad. Fan pushes the air though the pad and some water gets evaporated, evaporation process absorbs heat from the passing air and it comes out little cooler on the other side, but expelled air is also allot more moist. You can make this type of cooler yourself – take a peace of cloth and make it damp with water – then put it over a fan and you have evaporative cooler.

Thanks to diagram on the left provided by www.homepower.com you can see technology in action.

Making one is pretty straight forward and technology is on the market for long time, but how useful it will be in desktop configuration is another matter.



How practical is Evapolar?

Area best for evaporation cooler

Map on the left shows areas of United States where evaporation coolers are practical, these areas have hot, dry air.

But lets assume you already have air conditioning and want to add Evapolar to your desk for just little bit more cooling – yes thats possible, but remember – evaporators needs hot, dry air to work, so if your environment is humid – it will be as effective as regular fan.

Even when operating in perfect conditions, this evaporative cooler is too small to make major change in air temperature, and remember that any heat it absorbs is ultimately released back in to the same space.

If you take air from outside, then cool it down it remains cool inside, but Evapolar sits in the room so it becomes a humidifier, the longer it works, the more humid the air in the room becomes and the more humid air becomes – less cooling effect you get. In small rooms this it pretty quick process. You have to let outside air in the room, making it not very compatible with existing air conditioning.

Practical evaporator coolers are large – because they need large cooling surface to significantly impact temperature, they are used in well ventilated spaces with dry air.

Takeaway here is, that efficiency of the unit depends to large extent, on the environment you are in, and will work only in dry climate. Otherwise its as good as a fan.


Will campaign deliver if funded?

Construction and components are very simple and available, pricing is reasonable and delivery schedule is somewhat realistic.  If funded campaign will deliver

If you live in dry climate, this maybe useful tool, however if humidity in your area is relatively high during hot season – save your money and get a fan.


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