Infinite M - portable power bank

Infinite M – Wireless Power-pack, should you back it?

Review of: Infinite M
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$85.00 USD

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On October 11, 2015
Last modified:October 11, 2015


Battery on Infinite M is small, very small. Maybe that is the reason it only has one USB port.
Complexity of manufacturing is a concern and with shipping scheduled only few months away in December 2015 we strongly feel that product will experience delays.

Infinite M is power bank with detachable wireless charging module made from high quality, CNC-milled aircraft grade aluminum. It holds 7000 mAh battery and array of pretty standard features alongside angular industrial design.

Lets look inside and see if its worth backing.

There are many choices when it comes to battery packs and chargers, in fact we reviewed one recently. We always frown up on new device entering this market, unless it offers compelling features. Main feature for Infinite M is wireless charging and unfortunately there are products on the market that already do this. Can Infinite M do better? Maybe

Device is equipped with relatively small 7000 mAh battery, appealing but complex manufacturing design and host of otherwise standard features.

We have concerns about enclosure manufacturing and surface finish and worries that are well reflected in the price – without considering early bid specials(we never consider those) Infinite M runs $85.00 USD


Is Infinite M practical for wireless charging?

Before we get in to any discussion about this product, lets touch base on adoption of wireless charging in general.  Camapign promotion video shows iphone being charged wirelessly without clear explanation of how exactly that happens  – iphones do not support Qi charging – you need a case. Now if you already have a case for your device or you phone supports wireless charging – you are in small elite that adopted this technology.

There is a good reason adoption is slow – phones do not support it and external solutions like “Qi enabled cases” add bulk and may actually connect to the phone by cable. Wireless charging is also slow, as much as I like it myself – it is considerably slower than wire, especially if you have a phone with boosted charging.

Lets examine some of the specs described on campaign page:

If you want a back to basics, portable charger, the base battery module is a powerful, 2.1A output-capable, aircraft-grade aluminum clad, high quality 7000mAh unit.

Launched together, the first detachable module is a Qi-compatible, triple-coil, wireless charging module.

The outer shell is made from the same high quality aluminum while the top plate is made from premium impact-resistant glass.

The goal of bringing out the Infinite M is to achieve the vision of having one unified platform that is powerful, yet flexible and portable enough to serve multiple, changing needs of today and tomorro

Battery on Infinite M is small, very small. Maybe that’s the reason it only has one USB port, company gives some information about how this compares to popularInfinite M Power bank devices “Example: The capacity of an iPhone 6 is 1,810mAh. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a capacity of2,550mAh.” but here is our breakdown – and it hits hard.

Any power bank has  rated capacity and usable capacity. Because there is loss of efficiency due to heat and other factors, power banks are 60-80% efficient depending on many factors.

We can safely say that 7000 mAh battery will have 70% useful capacity and that’s 4900 mAh. But wait, it gets better, wireless charging is only 60-70% efficient, meaning that 40-30% of all power used charge is lost. Do the math, but don’t forget to add battery efficiency decay overtime – that tendency to last less overtime and it becomes clear – that battery size spells demise for it’s practicality.

You maybe able to charge your phone once and a bit. After few months, you wont get one charge.

We like the design, that’s about only thing that makes this compelling, but it is bulky and we expect to be able to pocked battery of this capacity.


Will campaign deliver is successful?

As mentioned previously complexity of manufacturing is a concern and with shipping scheduled only few months away in December 2015 we strongly feel that product will experience delays.

We do not recommend backing this product, just buy existing solution like – Mobile Pad


Campaign page can be found here – Infinite M – Modular Power with Wireless Charging

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