It will hold your phone

New project aims to offer better experience handling your phone, to shoot videos and goes further to add lenses and some additional features.
Although the idea can be useful for some, we issue #toyallert  as it will most likely find very limited use if funded.

Lets begin with core issue here – this devices main positive, is the ability hold the phone  like real camera, and we agree adding handle and bulk will allow one to move the the phone in ways handheld approach will not. Glare can also be reduced because screen is covered, but that’s where innovation kind of ends.

Getting better footage – if you want to get good video – you need good sensor, phones do not have those. Yes, its possible to get decent footage with phone. But you will always get better footage with low end DSLR, and prices for those are pretty low. Adding lenses to your phone will not greatly improve image quality ether.

Finally device is marketed as on indegogo, that usually means it is unlikely that fully functional prototype exists, so there is considerably development on some or all aspects of the device, that increases risk of missed deadlines and timely delivery issues.

We wish there were more positive projects to review, but our goal is to evaluate new projects and determine if its promise is realistic and how likely it is to succeed. If you want us to evaluate a campaign – follow( google +) us and make a request.

Campaign page – IndieVice Inc.