Magic Stick

MagicStick – Small PC

MagicStick is the world’s most powerful computer on stick featuring for the first time Intel’s almighty 14 nm Cherry trail quad core processor with 12/16 core GPU, HDMI 2.0, USB 3.1, 256 GB solid storage and up to 8GB RAM.

Question we have – how does it compare to device Intel and others already make? Like Compute Stick?


Is MagicStick technically possible?

Computers have been reduced to truly small size in the recent years and putting one in to small-flat-box form factor is not a new idea. Number of companies including chip maker – Intel released devices with various configurations.  These sticks proved useful for very narrow audience, and widespread adoption did not follow, and we will explain that later in mode detail.

MagicStick differentiates itself by introducing some modern tech, like latest generation Intel CPU architecture, USB-3.1 and option to have allot more memory 8 GB. All of these technologies are available but putting them together in a way that delivers buttery smoothness and great end user experience is another matter.

This is exactly where most crowd campaigns fall short and high specs do not always mean performance. If this was another Computer Stick from Intel or another reputable manufacturer – we would not be concerned, but this is indegogo campaign and it is unclear if fully functional prototype actually exists.

But if correct manufacturers, expertise and logistics would be involved – this product can be made.

Is MagicStick practical for daily use?

PracticPortable computer HDMIality is one big area where many novel ideas fail, and there is good reason why similar existing products did not become very popular. Don’t get me wrong, there are people that use them but, not everyone wants to buy one.

Here is why – people use TVs for consuming media content, attempts of connecting computers to TVs are generally targeted towards – getting content to watch from computer to your TV. Most people can do this using very consumer friendly solutions – like Apple TV, Playstation and on so on. In addition Televisions in recent years come with connectivity for local and internet media options.

When I come home and want to watch something on TV – there is already dedicated device for that, if I wanted to visit a website – I can just take a tablet or laptop to do that, if I needed to write some content, I go to my full scale computer – because I have one and its allot more convenient. As you can see market is saturated and this device does not have a place to go.  And we issue a #toyalert


In recent years, computer performance metrics has become obscured, but keep in mind that small chips such as Z8300 used in this Stick, are designed for browsing and media, with very poor performance on games that look decent. This chip is already on the market in this device – Tronsmart Ara X5 and 4k multimedia performance seems to be good, but performance needs optimization and good design.

Device packs allot of tech, and with each new system added, complexity grows and chances for supply chain issues, as well as design pitfalls that will negatively affect end product.

Final note – this is not a small device, make sure you understand this is hefty thing. See dimensions here

Will campaign succeed if funded?

Our biggest concern for this MagicStick is timeline they posted with shipping to backers expected in December, given complexity and logistics of this system, we place shipping target sometime during summer of next year. There is strong feeling that some of the features advertised may not be delivered and risk for backers is very high.

Considering how limited functionality for this device is, and availability of similar devices on the market already, we find it hard to justify taking the risk.


Campaign page is found here – MagicStick – Most powerful PC stick – 8GB RAM!