Pavilion – Wireless Speaker

Pavilion is yet another wireless speaker, it offers clever design and some new technical elements.

Lets explore this campaign in detail

Is Pavilion speaker technically possible?

Given vast number of similar products already flooding the market, the answer is apparent, but it is never that simple. Wireless communication module, design and build materials are fairly common and easy to manufacture. Primary difference from other speakers, according to Hult(company making this device)  is addition of “revolutionary copper tube bass booster”.

To tackle and understand this “copper tube brass booster” we contacted few engineers that worked with speaker and sound system design and they were not impressed. The copper tube is unlikely to change dynamics of sound in any significant way.

Campaign page shows a chart of their “full dynamic range driver” but little can be said about actual performance of the speaker without its full specs, dynamic range is not good performance metric by itself. Because this is a startup, it is very unlikely they actually manufacture the speaker, it will be purchased as a part and is sure to be similar to “drivers” you would find in other speakers.

Is Pavilion practical?

Focus for this device is clearly on design and not sound, not a problem as long as customer understands it. Yes, it is a nicely designed shell but, practicality is very important for device such as this, especially in a market that is becoming more and more saturated with wireless speakers, quality of sound should be the driving force. After all, we want cars that look good but they should drive well, have good fuel efficiency and keep us safe in accidents. Combination of all these makes for a good product.

Mono is mono, this speaker has one “driver”. You can do some software tricks to produce depth but this is still a mono. Number of systems in this price range offer stereo setup and bring better sound quality with it.

If you are more interested in good design, and willing accept mid-range sound quality, this maybe the product for you. Alternatively, you can grab high quality wireless speaker already on the market, from reputable manufacturer, at similar cost.

How likely is campaign to succeed if funded?

We have some concerns about low minimum funding goal of $50k, it signals number of possible issues with company financial planing. Although kickstarter demands functional prototype, and we have no reason to think they do not have one. We foresee delays with delivery, but cost of each unit is set reasonably and device will likely be delivered.

Back Pavilion only, if it’s design is very appealing and important to you. Do not expect mind-blowing sound performance though.

Campaign Page is Here – Pavilion – Wireless Speaker