SteadXP – Video Stabilization

Different approach to camera stabilization. Cool!

Cool idea but read on to understand what it really offers.

If you ever shot video on DSLR you may know that getting steady, flowing shot is not easy and no matter how hard you try, there is always need to correct during editing.

Steady XP is different approach to stabilization problem altogether, and its very similar to post production techniques but it is better. Instead of using some elements in the shot as reference, to stabilize the video, SteadXP relies on camera position dynamics, by accurately tracking camera position with accelerometers it adjusts each shot to compensate for camera movement – not in real-time though, all the magic happens in post production.

Keep in mind though, that this system is very similar to standard stabilization techniques available in most software packages. But it may add just a nudge of accuracy to the end result.
You still have to use high rez, wide angle, camera because you will crop part of the shot. Not much changes in how you capture.
You still have to keep your shot framed as best as possible, device will not help you maintain stability.

We have mixed feelings about how much more effective this device will make your shot and unbiased comparison would be nice to see.

Only invest money if you understand that this will not make your shots better than what your software already does. It may save you some time, but it will never replace proper stabilization contraption.

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