Strone Roam – Roaming Wierdness

When traveling internationally, roaming charges on your US phone plan pose serious financial risk. Plenty of people shared some bewildering roaming bills over the years and Strone Roam trying to hep eliminate those charges, although their approach is very inefficient.

Is Strone Roam possible technically?

Although promotion video does not hit home on how this will work from start to finish, the process will be as follows: insert your sim in to their device and connect it to internet, sim card now sends data to their servers in real-time. This means your phone has no service and you need to connect to wifi or get separate sim. They give you consumable balance on per minute basis. Calls cost as low as 3 cents – what that really means is 3 cents is cheapest cost per minute. They will expect you to use Wifi or get local sim for their service to work.

System is possible to create but, we have concerns about how good call experience will be. And overall we do not see value, more on that next.

Is Strone Roam practical?

I do not see any practical use for this system, only  benefit you get is the ability to accept calls on your carrier provided phone number. But there are better – more efficient ways to do that. If you travel allot – move your number to google voice, and all your text messages and calls come in over the internet, it takes minutes to setup and is completely free. Or get skype number and forward your phone while you are gone.

If you really want to solve roaming issue altogether – get Tmobile plan – it covers most of the world and offers internet, that combined with google voice makes your phone free almost everywhere. We use this approach across many countries with great success.

How likely to succeed?

Some people do not understand what campaign offers or are not aware of the better alternative ways of solving international travel communication issues and may back it. Project is on indegogo so they have allot of work to be done still, but technology is there and with some delays it will likely deliver.

We do not recommend supporting the project.

Campaign Page is here – Strone Roam: A Revolution in Global Roaming

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