Tempescope – Ambiance Generator

Tempiscope is ambient noise/light/sound device, that creates atmosphere in dwellings. It simulates fog and rain and also produces light to add dimension to your surroundings and make activities more enjoyable.

Is Tempescope possible technically?

Device inventor has already created few version of the project and shared allot of material with public. Early versions are in essence prototypes – they do not have elegant looks but show proof of concept. Technically this device is possible and relatively simple to make.

Some concerns we have are sound of pump when in operation, water leaks with current design and bacterial growth in the device itself overtime.

Is it practical?

Ambience generators in their various forms do not serve practical function per say. Their goal is to make environment more pleasing and relaxing.  There are many ways to use it – on your desk, net to your bed or in the living room. It really comes down to what you like individually, some people enjoy sound of rain while others – not so much. Positive here is that there is verity and if you are looking for something to add more depth to your home, this is definitely a good option.

How likely is ambiance tool to succeed if funded?

We have allot of confidence this product will be delivered, given work already done by product designer. Bu delays are possible and issues with product design may arise. Cost is on somewhat high but phone connectivity is one of the driving factors for that.

We recommend backing this project, given you want the device.

Campaign can be found here – tempescope, a box of rain in your living room